About CAMA

Who We Are?

CAMA (Contemporary And Modern Art) Gallery, as an art and cultural institution, has been formed in response to increasing demands for art and artistic creations. CAMA institution is following fundamental goals such as introducing artists and artworks, honouring the pioneers and celebrities in art, identifying and attracting young talents, disseminating the culture of buying and selling artworks, preparing an infrastructure to boost economy of art, focusing on business of art, considering added value of the artworks and taking advantage of a variety of specialized services in art and culture. This institute provides a terrific opportunity for art enthusiast to get familiar with Iran and the world's master artworks' types of classic, modern and contemporary.

CAMA Gallery, also, by taking advantage of the accompaniment and support of professors, professionals and experts in various fields of art, offers different services in education, research, exhibitions, galleries and consultation, to provide a proper context and thriving entrepreneurship in the field of art for artists and art enthusiast. CAMA Gallery is a registered international institution to provide you with vitality, hope and comfort in the creative artworks, benefiting from concept, expression and beauty of art by taking advantage of participation of professors, leaders and experts in economy of culture and art.


CAMA Gallery is to revolutionize the art industry in Iran and the Middle East. CAMA showcases art from all genres online and in physical galleries, offering artists exposure and global recognition for their artwork.

Online public relation via CAMA online magazine will keep artists, new and old, updated with global trends whilst also offering insight into this new and exciting marketplace.

Exposure to western marketplaces opens a legitimate outlet for middle eastern artists looking to sell to new markets. Besides, western collectors now have full exposure to the middle eastern art on offer. Strong connections in both Middle East and Western countries, whilst using the World Wide Web as its catalyst, will show that art knows no boundaries, art know no borders, art is everywhere.


Our vision is to build a global brand, built purely on the love of art.

Creating a turnkey solution for artists, enthusiasts, collectors and dealers, when people think of Middle Eastern art, CAMA Gallery will be the best option.

CAMA is the leading authority in this region and have western recognition.

Art is the purest form of expression, a picture is worth a thousand words, CAMA Gallery will provide the canvas, now express yourself!

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