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Manouchehr Yektaei

Exploring CAMA

How do I save my favourite artworks to revisit or purchase later?

Having a CAMA account enables you to mark your desired artwork as favourite and they will be added to your favourite list. Later you will be able to find your favourite ones easily.

How do I visit my desired artists’ biography or artworks?

At the top of all pages in CAMA website, you can easily navigate to artists section, search for your desired artist among and by choosing the artist you will have access to the whole collection of the artworks.


How can I find out what my product is worth?

Artworks do not have a specific price. Each artwork needs to be reviewed professionally before evaluation. Thus, the artworks will be evaluated by our experts at CAMA Gallery.

Can I get estimated price online?

Before any valuation, artwork needs to be certified by experts at CAMA Gallery. Once the artwork is certified, the review of a team of experts will be given in the certificate’s catalogue, which contains the valuation from all aspects from professional viewpoint.

To apply for a certificate for your artwork, you need to show your artwork physically by taking it to one of our galleries based on your location.

Can I determine if my product can be offered in CAMA’s auction?

After having certificate for your artwork, our experts at CAMA Gallery will inform you about this opportunity.

What if my product could not be sold in the auction?

Our expert will then contact you via your preferred way for communication to suggest you other options.

When can I expect payment?

By the time your artwork being sold, we need 7 days to proceed your payment.

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