Buyers' Guide

Bahman Mohasses

Buyers' Guide

The first step for you is to resister at CAMA Gallery, which can even be done using your already existed social accounts.

To find what you love, you just need to browse works of art in our store at You can filter your search to get to your desired artwork faster. We have a wide range of categories offered in the store. You can easily filter the items in store based on size, category and price.

You also have opportunity to share the loved artworks with your friends or relatives, directly from the store. All the required information on each artwork will be accessible. You can observe the artwork’s certificate and directly add it to your cart to buy it later.

Besides browsing through the store, you can sign up for our periodically newsletter, so you will be from the first group of buyers to identify latest items for sale. This option gives you an opportunity to complete your specific collection. There also is an option for receiving news on new artworks or upcoming events via multiple applications directly on your phone.

Once you have finished searching for desired artwork(s), you can go to your cart, from upper section on each page and click on Checkout. In this section, you need to choose your preferred payment method. You will have an option for making payment online, through our highly secured payment service provider. In case you have any specific question on payment process, please contact one of our offices which can be found on contact page or directly email us at

Additionally, our experts, upon your request, can assist you to find the most suitable work of art based on your requirements.

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