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At registration stage, we may need you to provide sensitive information which helps us to serve you better. We are thoroughly aware of sensitivity of this information and we have the highest level of security provided to safeguard your information and data online from manipulation. After registration, you may have access to your information on CAMA’s website with your username and password which you have created during registration and is only known to you.

By using advanced technology, CAMA encrypts your login details as well as all other sensitive information and they will be stored in a secure database. The whole website is tested regularly by security experts to determine any possible vulnerability and to fix it immediately.

We continually enhance our security measures as new technology is made available and in response to newly discovered threats.

Fraudulent E-mails

Phishing is an inexpensive and common way for identity thieves. Thieves use email fraud to obtain users’ login details (username and password). Their email looks official and appear to come from a legitimate organization and will lead users to a look-alike website of a that specific organization. This trick makes users believe they are responding to a valid request.

Please note that CAMA will never send such emails asking for your personal information or login details.

Keep yourself protected by remembering the following details:

  • Do not share your login details, username and password, with anyone
  • Change your password periodically
  • Never give your login details over phone or by email, unless you initiated the contact
  • Make sure to sign out of your account on leaving the website, to end the secure session.

Reporting Issues

If you identify any security issues in website, you may contact our technical support team directly at

Basic Rules

In addition to our terms and conditions and other applicable policies, you must follow the following basic rules when using

  • Do not attempt to access any user’s account or personal information.
  • Do not attempt to harm any user for using our services.
  • Do not attempt to perform any kind of attack which could harm the integrity or reliability of our services (DDoS attacks for an instance are strictly prohibited).
  • In case of facing to any vulnerability, do not publicly disclose before we have resolved it.
  • Performing any kind of non-technical attack such as spam, phishing and social engineering is strictly prohibited.

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