Evaluation and Assessment of Artworks

What is Evaluation and Assessments?

Nowadays, evaluation and assessment of special products is considered as a major field in economy. The financial evaluation of artworks to be sold or bought is one of the major challenges faced by artists, collectors, owners and even art critics. Consequentially, CAMA provides the opportunity to evaluate and assess the worth of an artwork, assuring its artists and clients transparency and quality.

Some of the essential factors used to evaluate artworks include: the conditions of the art market in Iran and abroad, according to supply and demand; provenance; originality; historical value and pricing in time; quality of production; added value of specialist's opinions and reviews.

How to Evaluate and Assess Artworks?

CAMA evaluates and assess artworks through its collaboration with leading and internationally recognised experts in the fields of the arts ad economy. Issuing registration numbers, users will be able to get information on the process of evaluation of their artworks.

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