Packaging and Transferring Artworks

Packaging Artworks

The safety of artworks is always one of CAMA's top priorities. Each artwork, before being transferred, needs to be carefully packed to avoid from any possible damage during transportation. The packaging process is a sensitive pro-cess that varies according to the type of artwork and transportation, and which is carried out by professionals with ex-perience in the field. We, at CAMA Gallery, provide a tailor-made packaging for each artwork. We strive to value all artworks, taking the best care possible to deliver the artwork in pristine conditions.

Transferring Artworks

One of the challenges for art collectors and owners is transferring pieces from one place to another. CAMA Gallery provides support by experienced professionals and specialised related organisations to aid the process, making it as easy and safe as possible.

CAMA is responsible for choosing the best and most reliable type of transporting artwork, for packaging the artwork according to route and type of transportation, for accurate control on route from source to destination and for deliver-ing the artwork in the best condition at your desired destination.

This service is useful for renting artworks from museums to exhibition spaces, transferring artworks to domestic or for-eign exhibitions, selling and transferring artworks to their buyer, relocations, to name a few cases.

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