Restoration and Repair of Artwork

How to Restore Your Artwork?

As it is mentioned in the maintaining artworks, preserving artworks is one of essential principles for art collectors and gallery owners and paying attention to factors such as installation, packaging, transportation, light radiation, dust, artwork's framing and preventing artwork from potential damages such as mass, fungus and cracks, are important aspects for keeping artwork in good condition.

Obviously, artworks, either installed on the wall or kept in storage, require proper maintenance and care. The proper way of preserving artwork(s) is to provide a protective and preventive method for potential damages. Many professional art collectors' artworks, also, after a long period of time and due to lack of knowledge of proper way of preservation have been damaged.

A special training for preserving artworks, consultation for installing artwork on the wall, packaging and preservation in professional storages and individual collections are services offers by CAMA Gallery in relation with restoration of artworks. CAMA Organization provides art owners with a specific facility for preserving artworks. This organization provides professional and specialized storages with controlled temperature and environmental conditions and can store your artwork(s) for a limited period in such controlled conditions.

How to Repair Your Artwork?

Preservation, restoration and maintenance of artworks is preservation of culture, art, history and civilization. Maintenance, care and protection of artworks in the field of culture and art, have a significant importance and are considered as one of the main specializations of collectors and museums.

If you own a valuable artwork or a collection of valuable artworks, we would strongly recommend you to take the most possible care in preserving them. However, heat and cold, inadequate installation, dust particles in the air and inappropriate light illumination are among the factors that can lead the artwork to gradual damage.

Inadequate way of transportation, packaging and installation, using inappropriate frame and glass, incorrect cleaning, scratching, spreading colour or tearing and decay are some common factors that if not addressed, will cause more damage to the artwork.

CAMA Gallery is proud to offer excellent services in this field with help of experts and restoration specialists, in its own laboratory and specialized repairing workshops.

Periodic visit and maintenance, cleaning, controlling temperature and humidity and partial restoration are some of services provided by CAMA Gallery.

The overwhelmingly damaged artworks will be transferred to maintenance workshop to be maintained by experts with a suitable type and method of maintenance, according to the type of damage. All maintaining steps will be well documented in accordance with the professional principles. The maintained artwork will be transferred back along with a complete report.

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